About Marine 16

Marine 16 was formed specifically to provide proven Marine Products to the Commercial and Leisure Marine Industry, Yachts and Super Yachts. 

We wanted to provide 'the best of the best', so that boaties could have absolutely no doubt about the performance of the products that they were using on their vessels. 

Following extensive searches worldwide, we discovered Marine 16, UK, an established manufacturer of quality fuel additives and treatments, biological and general maintenance products for the marine sector.   

What set this business apart from the rest? - Several industry advantages, 

The Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment, the product that we initially thought would be a suitable product for the New Zealand market, was rated by 'Practical Boat Owner' as one of the top performers from an independent review of all the leading biocide and dispersant Diesel Bug Treatments on the market. 

This Fuel Treatment is now the top selling diesel additive in the UK and endorsed by the Royal Marines and the RNLI. 

With Marine 16, not only did we find what we believe to be the best product on the market to eradicate diesel bug, we also found a range of quality products to fully clean and protect fuel systems and engines.

Unlike other products currently sold on the New Zealand market, the Marine 16 Fuel products, inclusive of petrol and injector protective treatments, are supplied in a variety of bottle volume sizes to work for the leisure and commercial markets, as well as match the size of your boat, immediate and ongoing needs.

'Marine 16 is the fastest acting treatment of Diesel Bug and has additional benefits of improving filterability' Practical Boat Owner - 'Diesel Bug - the Ultimate Test'

For more serious fuel polishing needs, Marine 16 have developed two purpose designed mechanical systems solutions, the 'Diesel Duck', a portable carry-on system for fuel transfer and water removal from the fuel tank, this product proving very popular for sale and renting for one-off needs, and the 'Diesel Dipper' the bilge pump for fuel tanks. This Fuel Filtration Unit, installed adjacent to your fuel tanks, sucks from the very bottom of the fuel tank to remove diesel bug, sludge, water, and contaminants that are sloshing about below the fuel suction.    

As well as an extensive range of fuel additives, Marine 16 have developed practical Marine Cleaning Products that have proven to very effective inside and around the decks of all types of sea vessels. Using modern enzyme technology that uses gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria, these cleaning products, quickly and effectively dispose of spills on all hard surfaces as well as soft furnishings.

Marine 16 Cleaning Products have been recommended by Judith Shaw of 'Tried & Tested' - February 2022.  

From our own experiences, we found with the use of only three Marine 16 cleaning products, we were able to meet all our onboard cleaning needs within the cabin and topside, which has simplified the cleaning process as well as assisting to de-clutter storage areas.

The added bonus of using these products is the ability to re-order a concentrated product pouch of these cleaning products at a substantially lower cost. And with a returned empty pouch, Marine 16 will post these out, free of the courier cost.  

The pioneering of Marine 16 Products didn't stop with developing these very effective biodegradable cleaning products. 

Marine 16 chose to adopt a 'reuse and refill' strategy so that their cleaning products, inclusive of packaging, could be returned for refilling, this initiative truly providing a 'ZERO HARM' to the environment solution. 

Marine 16 also provides a range of Polishing and Restorative products for Gel-Coat finishes, steel and painted surfaces. As with the Fuel Treatments and Cleaning Products, these products come in varied sizes to work for recreational boatie, the professional Marine Valet Industry, as well as larger Commercial Vessels.