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Petrol System Twin Pack

The use of the Marine combined Fuel Additives, Petrol System Treatment and Petrol System Cleaner will protect, and improve the efficiency of your petrol system components. The fuel additives PST and the PSC is provided in a handy twin pack.

Petrol System Treatment 

Petrol System Treatment-PST is a multifunctional fuel additive giving superior cleaning of petrol system components.

  • PST stabilises fuel for storage and under thermal loads.
  • PST gives excellent corrosion protection and water tolerance.
  • 20ml is sufficient to treat 20 litres of fuel.


100ml of PST has handy 20ml graduations to treat 100 litres.

Petrol System Cleaner

Petrol System Cleaner-PSC significantly cleans combustion chambers, intake valves, and complete fuel systems. 

  • Petrol System Cleaner- PSC improves fuel consumption, restores engine power, and reduces emissions.
  • PSC gives rust & corrosion protection and has good water removal characteristics. 

100ml of Petrol System Cleaner-PST is sufficient treat 25 litres of fuel.







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