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KILL-CLEAN-PROTECT triple pack of Fuel Additives offers a complete all round fuel treatment system package. It kills Diesel Bug, It cleans the fuel system and protects your fuel.

Kill, Clean, Protect - Complete Description

KCP -- KILL-CLEAN-PROTECT consists of our Diesel Bug Treatment NZ, Diesel Injector Cleaner and Diesel Fuel Complete fuel treatment products ensure your engine and fuel are fully protected.

KILL - Diesel Bug Treatment to eradicate any diesel bug
CLEAN - Diesel Injector Cleaner to clean your fuel system.
PROTECT - Diesel Fuel Complete to protect your engine

3 highly effective Fuel Treatment products in one package.

Add Diesel Bug Treatment-DBT & Diesel Injector Cleaner-DIC together, then add Diesel Fuel Complete after as a preventative fuel additive.
DOSE Diesel Bug Treatment-DBT at 100ml per 100 - 1000 litres of fuel depending on requirements
DOSE Diesel Injector Cleaner-DIC at 100ml per 100 litres of fuel
DOSE Diesel Fuel Complete-DFC at 100ml per 100 litres of fuel

Overdosing the MArine 16 Fuel Treatment Products does not harm the engine.


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