What is the difference between our 3 most popular products?

2 February 2022

What is the difference between our 3 most popular products?

We are often asked what is the difference between the Marine 16s 3 popular products?

Marine 16s Diesel Bug Treatment is a broad spectrum biocide formulated to prevent or eradicate the microbial contamination of fuel from Yeast, Mould and Bacteria commonly known as Diesel Bug.

*Use Diesel Bug Treatment to treat your tank if Diesel bug is found.

Marine 16s Diesel Fuel Complete is a multi-functional fuel treatment to maintain the quality of stored fuel, keep fuel systems clean and prevent the growth of Diesel Bug.

*Use Diesel Fuel complete to prevent the Diesel bug from forming. A Preventative.

Marine 16s Diesel Injector Cleaner is a once only treatment to remove harmful deposits in the fuel pump and injectors of diesel engines.

* If your engine is smoking we recommend you use DIC before calling an engineer to remove injectors etc. Smoking is often due to gumming and lacquering of fuel components which develop over time or from using degraded fuel and will be a lot more cost effective than removing injectors unnecessarily.

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2 February 2022

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