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Zer0 Deck and Sail Cleaner is amazingly effective on all hard and soft materials on the exterior of your boat.  Using modern enzyme technology that uses gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria, and enzymes chosen specifically to counter the stains found on deck like scuff marks or the mould spots commonly found on canvas protective covers and awnings. 

One of the primary objectives of Marine 16 for Zer0 Deck and Sail cleaner was to provide an effective cleaning product that would not cause any harm to the marine environment. This objective, following extensive research and product development, was achieved, and as stated, Zero Deck and Sail Cleaner will result in Zer0 harm.

This meets and exceeds MARPOL ANNEXV “not harmful to the marine environment” ….and unlike solvent cleaners this modern cleaning product goes on cleaning well after you put the cloth away!

Zer0 Deck & Sail - Full Description

Zer0 Deck and Sail Cleaner is extremely effective yet gentle, providing for exceptional cleaning results on all exterior areas of your craft. The product highly effective on all hard and soft surfaces such as Gelcoat, Metal, Wood and Glass, with enzymes specifically chosen to eat hydrocarbon scuff marks for example.

Deck and sail also works really well on canvas covers and sails. The gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria ensures instant cleaning results and a long term cleaning action.

To use on hard surfaces, simply spray onto the surface to be cleaned. Agitate with a soft brush if necessary and then wipe or rinse away and allow to dry. On seating areas spray, wipe and allow to dry.

On canvas covers and sails, spray onto the area to be cleaned, agitate with a brush to remove stubborn stains and then rinse and allow to dry.

Zer0 Plastic Pollution

Just recycling plastic is not enough. We wanted to make a difference, so we reuse our plastic. Our 'Refill, Reuse, Recycle' concept will ensure the life of our plastic is maximised.

We bring our pouches home, we pay the post, you just replace the cap and pop the pouch in the post. When we get it back we refill it for reuse.

It doesn’t stop there. Our triggers and bottles are “for life”. If your bottle or trigger is worn out or even gets broken bring it to one of our participating chandlers who will replace it free of charge.

If your chandler doesn’t stock it…tell them to get on board!

If you are a chandler and want to stock Zer0 ..get in touch and join the revolution!

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