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Absorbs water from the bottom of your fuel tank. Contains a super-absorbent polymer.
Absorbs water out of Fuel, diesel, Gas, Bio-diesel & fuel oil.

Suitable for:
Central Heating Tanks
Agricultural Storage Tanks
All Storage Tanks
All Types of Marine Diesel Fuel Tanks

The Tank sock is designed to absorb water from the fuel in your tank.
Simply lower the sock into the tank by holding the cord, the cord will allow the tank sock to lie flat at the bottom of the tank (this is where the water will be) shorten the cord to remove excess slack. The best place to attach the cord is on the underside of the fuel cap, you have to attach the cord to allow the fuel cap to be replaced but be able to remove the tank sock when it is full.
When the tank sock starts to absorb the water, it will expand, until this condition occurs it may remain in the tank but should be checked within the hour at first use. NOTE: the tank sock should then be checked weekly and removed if swollen.
If the tank sock has not become swollen or expanded then you are able to keep reusing until the water has fully absorbed.